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2019, EYES ON THE BALL, GUYS! The greatest tragedy that will befall us all is to allow anyone or anything distract us from the ALL IMPORTANT TASK OF reuniting the Daura HerdsmAn with his "homo" cows come 2019. For the sake of this all important task, please, do not let Buharists and closet Buharists use the Southeast PDP leaders complaint to score senseless ethnic point. Do not waste time defending Ndigbo by doing any comparison of how Yoruba, Hausa/Fulani or the Niger Delta people also complained about not being consulted at one time or the other. This a trap. A trap to lure you into a needless ethnic head-on-collision which will only benefit Buhari at the long run. Please, flee from this distraction The Southeast PDP leaders NEVER OPPOSED the choice of Peter Obi as Atiku's VP. So those twisting the story to read that Ndigbo rejected Obi's VP nomination are mischievous clowns. The video of their Press Briefing which I have in my possession clearly indicate their only problem was that they were not consulted and had to read such an important appointment on the social media. FOR THE SAKE OF FAIRNESS, I must acknowledge they were right to feel slighted. After staying put in the PDP at a time it was not fashionable to remain in the party and giving Atiku a block vote at the Port Harcourt convention, they earned the right to be consulted. It doesn't mean they have the right to chose the VP. It simply means they deserve to be carried along. Politics is all about consultation. So in all honesty, Atiku ought to have consulted them. MY ONLY ISSUE WITH THEM IS THAT THEY OUGHT NOT TO HAVE GONE TO THE PRESS OVER SUCH THING WHICH THEY COULD EASILY HAVE SORTED OUT BY CALLING ATIKU/PDP ON THE PHONE. That ill-thought out Press drama is nonsense. It is important that we understand the issue and put them in proper perspective. I gathered from Thisday newspaper that this was rooted in a disagreement between the Southeast PDP and governor Wike over support for a certain candidate at the convention. Southeast instead gave a block vote to Atiku whom they believe has what it takes to drive away the herdsman. According to that ThisDay report, Umahi and others believe the non- consultation of Southeast PDP by Atiku/PDP was to appease Wike. After speaking with the Rivers State governor before their meeting, he (Umahi) and others planned on escalating tension but were prevailed upon by Ekweremadu. In other words, this is a supremacy war between NDIA NA NDIA (apologies to Osita Osadebe) So don't even allow Buharists sneak in to remind you how Ekweremadu is the owner of Chatham House in London among other 100 houses. We know they don't like him for teaming up with Saraki to frustrate them at the National Assembly. Of course, they will also want to remind you how Osita Chidoka didn't do anything as FRSC boss. Please ignore them. Na their way. Nothing is more important than sending Buhari back to Daura. Peter Obi's name has been signed, sealed and delivered as Atiku's running mate. In a couple of days from today, Atiku will meet with the Southeast PDP caucus, smile, shake hands and pose for a photograph with them and they will all sing and dance Kumbaya. Case closed. Remember, we are not ATIKUlating because we love PDP or the Southeast PDP leaders. I give no care about them and their PDP. If it was Arewa United Congress that provided the ACTIONABLE ALTERNATIVE platform to remove Buhari, I would have jumped on board. We are ATIKUlating because we simply want to stay alive. And Buhari means death and mass burial, herdsmen govt-sponsored ethnic cleansing etc. And the only ACTIONABLE ALTERNATIVE to getting rid of him is Atiku Abubakar. It doesn't mean Atiku is a saint. It simply means that WITHIN THE LIMITED OPTIONS WE HAVE, we have chosen a man who MIGHT steal from us over a man who has been stealing both our belonging, land, and even our lives join. To achieve this all important task of seeing an end to Buhari's iniquitiously atrocious rule, we need everyone on board. Both the PDP Southeast leaders, the APC people, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Edo etc. Even Buhari is free to join us in ATIKUlation to send himself back to his cows. Good news is, Saraki, the Senate President, along with his Colleagues, has succeeded in getting INEC to redeploy Buhari's niece, Amina Zakari from operations department to Medical department. Her job now is to give injection and paracetamol and no longer to tamper with election result for Buhari, her Uncle. Immediately INEC redeployed her, Saraki and his colleagues sat and passed INEC budget for 2019 election. If the NASS succeed in forcing INEC to effect more changes that will reduce Buhari's rigging chances, with the alliance between Atiku and the Generals plus his HANDSHAKE with international community, Buhari will soon go back to the only life achievement he can boast of, which is his legendary every year 150 cows. Even Mr transmission police chief can't save him as there would be no 30,000 police thugs to deploy to help rig the poll. Those who say Buhari cannot be defeated will be shocked. Please, stay on course. The Lifeless One has caused enough damage and is even ready to cause more. For us to live, he has to leave Asorock for Daura even if he would go by wheel barrow. Please join me on Twitter @OgbuCharlesSun2. Yours truly, a voluntary ATIKUlator, Charles Ogbu


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