Development In Igboland And Matters Arising

  • 25,Oct 2018 06:17 PM
  • By Admin

When Michael Okpara launched his Pragmatic Socialism, he saw what was in place in northern Nigeria, but he didnt use it as benchmark or baseline. He embarked on some of the things no leader in Africa dreamt of.....that is leadership.....

When the NCNC started their massive industrialization programme, they didnt give excuses that other regions focused on one or two existing industrial clusters to deter them from ensuring that every city in Eastern Nigeria had an industrial estate, that was what gave rise to Trans-Amadi in Port Harcourt, Trans-Ekulu in Enugu, Emene Industrial Estate in Enugu, Onitsha Metallurgical Centre, Aba Glass Industry, Nigercem Nkalagu, Umuahia Ceramics Industry, and ofcourse the first indigenous brewery in Africa; Golden Guinea, Owerri Shoe Industry, and Obudu Cattle Ranch among others...Okpara did not allow what obtained in his immediate environment to infect his thought process for bench-marking, he raised the benchmark for his government and people, and aspired for it.

When you guys say that Igboland is developed, what do you call development, what indices are you using to highlight these development?

How can we use Zamfara and Kogi as yardsticks and sincerely feel cool with ourselves?

Why have we fallen into this trap of justifying our parlous state simply because a glance across our shoulders show others in worst state than we are?

Dont we know that the average of average is average?

We are in trouble as long as we keep lowering the standards our leaders of yore left for us to build on, if we keep using Zamfara and Kogi as yardsticks.

Why cant you use Ghana, Rwanda, Tunisia, etc as yardstick instead of Kogi of all places.....

Cant we dream of some of the things some regions in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa etc etc are doing.....instead of Kogi and Zamfara....

Even the so called most developed parts of Nigeria is still grossly underdeveloped in line with set standards of measuring human development by the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP, World Bank, IMF Africa and other agencies.

A people with ambition and sense of duty should have known that they cant elect leaders who use any part of Nigeria as benchmark...but what do we have, we point to Zamfara and Kogi....

What you guys call development are thrash in the eyes of those who understand what development is.

How many cities in Igboland have potable water?

How would you describe the public schools across Igboland?

Can you send your children to the public schools?

Is there anywhere in Igboland you can drive upwards of 100 kilometers without pothole?

What is the response rate of existing ambulance services in Igboland?

Is there any part of Igboland that has uninterrupted power supply for 72 hours?

How many Dialysis centres do we have in Igboland?

What is the present Under-5 Incidence across Igboland?

What is the average Maternal Mortality and Infant Mortality Rate across Igboland?


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