Cyprian Emeka Uzoh The Igbo Genius Behind Semiconductor Technology

  • 26,Oct 2018 05:18 PM
  • By Admin

Cyprian Emeka Uzoh is an Igbo genius from Nigeria who holds more than 243 United States issued patents and over 615 patents worldwide in semiconductor technology. He also co-authored more than 45 publications.

In 2006, he was celebrated as Inventor of the Year for the patent "Method of making electroplated interconnection structures on integrated circuit chip" (USPTO 6,709,562), one of the most valuable patents in the field of semiconductor science and technology.

He is the main pioneer of modern high performance copper interconnect technologies and has discovered, co-developed and co-implemented the various critical elements and technologies that led to the successful implementation of copper interconnect technology at IBM Corporation, as well as in the entire semiconductor industry. In other words, this technology enabled the introduction of copper in the making of chips, and it was revolutionary. Cyprian Emeka Uzoh, more than anybody else, was responsible for the discovery of the electroplating technology in this industry.

IBM put this technology into production in the late 1990s and is now the main device wiring method that uses electric field and metal slurries to polish metals at low forces. The technology in question came alive in quite a number of industrial and consumer electronics including mobile phones, computers, cameras, camcorders, etc.

Since Emeka was working for IBM Microelectronics Division during the invention, the patent technically belongs to IBM however, the plagues was still given to Emeka to keep because he is the key inventor and the award came along when he has already left IBM.


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