Terror In Owerri Nkwoji As Deadly Carjackers Strike Again

  • 04,Dec 2018 09:03 PM
  • By Iwedi Ojinmah

Terror visited Nkwerre yesterday in the form of a bunch of criminals who set upon the unsuspecting and innocent population in a brazen set of attacks.

The Awareness has learned, in this exclusive, that a set of robbers carjacked and kidnapped a known son of the soil, Gubson MD, at the Bicoz filling station along the Owerri Nkwoji - Abba road.

As they left the scene they ran into a Toyota Camry Spider and got derailed. In their subsequent attempt to flee they killed a yet to be identified man from Obinocha as well as a young motorbike rider.

In the resulting melee thankfully Gubson MD was freed, but unfortunately, the criminals also absconded.

This is now the second of such brazen attacks in the normally peaceful Nkwerre LGA  in just under three months. On September the 9th Rev Fr. Jude Egbom of St Patrick’s Catholic parish, Amucha in Njaba Local Government Area was also ruthlessly murdered during a carjacking. Mercifully  F-SARS operatives led by CSP Godfrey Victor were able to track the killers down just a day later and apprehend them also in Nkwerre. They were identified as Chigozie Uzoukwu, 33, and Peter Ochokwu, 21.( shown).

We hope that this crop of murders are also swiftly apprehended and implore the public to pass on any vital information onto the Police or local vigilante force so our communities can again become safe for everybody.

The Awareness is still trying to gather as much information as possible on this sad event and will continue with our investigation which we will update on our pages.


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      05,Dec 2018 10:13 AM

      The rate of insecurity is worrisome. It is always the outcome of inept leadership.

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