Understanding The ABC Of Point & Kill

  • 11,Dec 2018 07:50 AM
  • By Iwedi Ojinmah

Point and kill is the Nigerian term given to the art of fish selection as well as the subsequent preparation for consumption. Nigerians love eating fish and it is eaten throughout the country regardless of region, or tribe.

                                                          The famous Epe market that sells both Salt and Freshwater fish

In 2016 the National Biotechnology Development Agency revealed that they consumed an amazing 3.2m metric tonnes of fish ranging from dry to fresh. Among the most popular were, tilapia, mackerel, cod (smoked and fresh), croaker and sardines. However the most popular remained catfish.

As you may know, there are around 3000 different species of catfish in the world and new ones are still be discovered year in year out.  In fact, catfish account for one out of every 20 known vertebrae animals. Their variety is amazing. From the giant Mekong Giant Delta which in 2005 was once measured at being 2.7 meters and weighing almost 300 kilograms (below), to the mere centimetre long but feared Candiru , known for swimming all the way up one's penis to the urethra in South America - they are all as different as night and day.