Minsitry Of Sports Can No Longer Maintain Abuja National Stadium

  • 24,Dec 2018 02:59 AM
  • By Iwedi Ojinmah

It is mind boggling how infrastructure in Nigeria is one day the toast of the nation, and the next day deemed expendable.

 The Ministry of Youth and Sports has admitted that it can’t run the Abuja National stadium, citing a N2 billion annual maintenance bill presented by construction giants Julius Berger.

Minister Olusade Adesola announced the issue in Abuja recently, saying that the required yearly payment cannot be issued.
“Julius Berger submitted a maintenance fee of N2 billion annually and this is more than the ministry’s yearly budget. We cannot afford such money annually, but we are working hard to find alternative ways to keep the place tidy,” Mr. Adesola stated.

“We are looking at the option of concession to individuals and companies who could manage the place for a period. The complex has to be busy with activities so as to  keep it in good condition.”

The Federal Government of Nigeria approved the contract for the construction of the National Stadium complex and Games Village on 18 July 2000. The stadium was constructed to host the 8th All Africa Games which took place in October 2003.

The complex includes:
•    60,491 capacity covered main bowl
•    Presidential suite and viewing area
•    56 corporate suites
•    Post offices
•    Banks
•    Media facilities
•    Two scoreboards and floodlights
•    Shops and kiosks for snacks
•    Helipad
•    3000 capacity indoor sports hall
•    2000 capacity gymnasium 2000 capacity swimming pool
•    Tennis Courts
•    3000 capacity hockey stadium
•    Baseball and softball complex

Considering that it was built then at the cost of $360m it would be incomprehensible if the stadium will be allowed to follow the route of the National Stadium in Lagos which has been reduced to hosting Ram fighting competitions. Already cows have been seen grazing on its grounds (below) suggesting what may soon come in the future.