6 Funny Relationship Goals That Are So Relatable

  • 02,Jan 2019 07:01 AM
  • By Anaekwe Adaeze

Getting comfortable, having fun together, and trusting each other are among the best relationship goals to have. But you should also have some funny ones to aim for too.

Why? Because if your relationship is serious all the time, it’ll become boring. So you two have to be able to open up and get very comfortable, even if it means getting faced with some embarrassing but totally funny moments together.

1. Making fun of each other

Every couple should be able to tease each other without getting hurt or offended and by it. Making funny jokes about each other is definitely relationship goals. However, this may not sit well with the other person. So you have to know one another very well before you can tease and poke fun without bruisng your egos.

2. Laughing at nothing together

Being able to laugh and laugh for absolutely no reason is realest funny relationship goals. It’s like the smallest thing can set you both off and you continue laughing until you don’t even remember  why you’re laughing anymore. Not only is it fun, it’s funny, and shows you have a great relationship.

3. Looking like a mess together

We all have those days where we just don’t want to change out of pajamas or even shower. Then we eat nothing but junk food and look like a hot mess all day long. The best types of relationships are when you can do that together. The irony is that you’re “supposed” to look great for your partner  but it’s the awesome when you don’t even have to.

4. Chilling together naked without having sex

It’s actually funny when you can just get butt naked and chill out while everything literally hangs out. Nothing is awkward and you can both enjoy each other’s company while being naked. This shows a level of comfort in yourselves and even in your sex life where you can just sit back naked and not have sex.

5. Farting in front of each other

Okay now let’s get real, you know your relationship is on the next level when you can do this. You’re so comfortable enough together to just drop one bomb and maybe even laugh about it, because it’s totally natural. This type of relationship goal that shows how close you are and how at ease you are with yourselves.

6. Doing nothing and still having a great time together

You could just be lying on the floor staring at the ceiling with your partner for hours and still have a great time. That’s relationship goals for sure. You don’t need anything but him to have fun. Not only does that show how compatible you two are, but also ensures that no matter what happens in life, you’ll enjoy being with him and just him.

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