Some Highlights From 2018 Across Africa

  • 03,Jan 2019 12:05 PM
  • By Anaekwe Adaeze


Given the political and economic status of the continent, the large continent has managed to be the center of attention for the whole world in the closing period of this year. Although the world has managed to reach Africa through business and marketing, the countries still face challenging circumstances as it is their own struggle against time and power. Recent innovations in the tech industry in Africa have had African software houses discover windows’ kernel code exploits and mobile spy software becoming common in the continent. Following the mid-term of the year, South Africa started working on the idea to launch a digital system that can revolutionize development funding and make a difference for the planet. Some of the situations over the course of the year that had a lot of impact on the continent and the world were:


The continent lost a lot of influential and revolutionary people like Kofi Annan and Winnie Mandela. The struggle throughout the year in Sudan had little influence as Omar Hassan Al-Bashir continues to rule for 30 years in the region. But this was nothing compared to the status of the political instability in Cameroon where the Civil War was hanging in the balance. To make things worse, the second worst Ebola epidemic in the world’s history broke out from the Congo.

Even Zimbabwe witnessed political injustice as the rigged elections saw Emmerson Mnangagwa becoming the president once again, disappointing large masses across the region who were awaiting a different outcome than Zanu-PF winning again. But not all seems lost for Uganda however, with Bobi Wine stepping up to Yoweri Museveni after the brutal thrashing he got from the officials, 2018 might have set a chain of political events in motion that could change the 2021 election.


The year has been a little controversial in the eyes of the Western critics who have judged China’s “debt trap diplomacy” to be the poison to be killing the African countries that are rushing towards it. China managed to get at least 40 leaders across the continent to the triennial forum on China-Africa Cooperation. Of course, the Somalian President selling off the country’s fishing rights to China was unexpected and raises a lot of concern as well. The African Continental Free Trade Area was a significant event that can be crucial for the long-term economic stability of the continent. The free trade gives the countries a chance to make a move in the international market to attract foreign capital. But of course, years to come will have more to say regarding the future status of Africa.

Africa for the World

Africa has been the center of attention for a lot of tourists across the world as well. The great migration in Tanzania, the Table Mountain in South Africa and the Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda have been spectacular visits in 2018. Tourism is an important industry for the continent. That’s why the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Sahara Dunes in Morocco and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt have still such cultural and historical and economic significance. 


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