FOND Inaugurated In Nkwerre

  • 04,Jan 2019 07:53 AM
  • By Iwedi Ojinmah

The Forum of Nkwerre Doctors was inaugurated in Nkwerre on December the 30th with all the necessary hoopla, pomp and pageantry.

As far back as one can remember Medicine has always been an important profession in the town and many notable sons of the soil were among the earliest Igbo leaders in this field. They were the original trailblazers and included Doctors with names like Emezie, Ihekwaba, Ojinmah, and Uzoma.

While amazingly decades later these very names still exist through newer versions from the same families,  the current roster of medical professionals has grown tremendously and they now include other notable Doctors as well. Now in addition to having sons, we also have daughters of Nkwerre upholding this noble tradition.

Nkwerre now boasts of circa 100 medical Doctors and that is no slim feat considering her size.                    

The inauguration was an outstanding success. The chairman of the ceremony was former Commissioner and Mayor of Nkwerre, High Chief Uzoma Nwosu Iheme himself (shown below) while the inauguration was done by her lordship Justice Chioma Nwosu Iheme of the Court of Appeals.

The dignitaries also included Barr Nnamdi Anyahie, Dr. Kingsley Achigbu Chief Medical Director of FMC Owerri, Professor Nwagha Provost of the College of Medicine UNTH, as well as High Chief Chijoke Tasie, the President of the Nkwerre Country Club.

The Forum also reaffirmed its previous appointments which include:


* Dr. Chin Akano President (shown above)
* Dr. Uche Ojinmah VP
* Dr. Frank Onuoha Secretary
* Dr. Chiemedo Ikpo Asst Secretary
* Prof Bond Anyahie Treasurer
* Dr. Baa Emezie-Ndukwe PRO
* Dr. Ihuoma Ofoma  Fin Secretary
* Barrister Ted Ojukwu Legal Adviser

                                                                    A cross-section of the attendees

Speaking exclusively to the Awareness' Iwedi Ojinmah, Dr. Akano spelled out the mission statement of the new organisation.

He passionately shared FOND's initial aims and objectives which are:

 i.    Encourage fraternal relationship between members of Nkwerre Autonomous community who are medically qualified
ii.    To ensure unity and love among the members.
iii.    Support the career development and advancement of Nkwerre doctors
iv.    Support initiatives that ensure that our resources are harnessed, equitable and judiciously utilized to promote the health and wellbeing of members of Nkwerre Community
v. To seek to partner with the government and other agencies in solving health problems of Nkwerre Community.
vi. To do such things that are incidental or supplementary in the realization of the above-stated objectives

 In addition to this, Dr. Akano also revealed that one of the most important projects would be to try and collaborate with the FMC to take over the abandoned Nkwerre Health Centre and commence its total renovation as well as open its doors to the entire community.


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      04,Jan 2019 01:43 PM

      Interesting, people commited to building their home land

    • USER


      04,Jan 2019 05:35 PM

      FOND is the way forward for healthcare delivery in Nkwerre

    • USER


      04,Jan 2019 05:35 PM

      FOND is the way forward for healthcare delivery in Nkwerre

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      Isaac, okezie.

      04,Jan 2019 08:11 PM

      FOND The pride of a community. You have distances to cover and promises to keep before nightfall. GREAT!.

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      05,Jan 2019 07:10 PM

      This is wonderful... It will help to enhance healthcare in nkwerre at enlarge

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      07,Jan 2019 10:08 AM

      Congratulations to FOND, we witnessed the inauguration.

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