Genevieve's Lionheart Now Selling For N150 In Lagos Traffic

  • 09,Jan 2019 04:32 AM
  • By Iwedi Ojinmah

“Lionheart” by Genevieve Nnaji which marks the first Netflix original film from Nigeria has been spotted getting sold for N150 in Lagos traffic.  That's the equivalent of 41US cents or .36 Euro.

The movie is barely weeks old and has garnished top reviews from all over the World.

Despite the efforts of the The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB)  the issue of video and film piracy has refused to go away and in fact is becoming more widespread.


                                          A bootlegged copy of Lionheart on the Main Island in Lagos

Over the past few years, movies such as "The Wedding Party," 'October 1" and "A Trip to Jamaica" have lost millions to piracy and sadly it seems Lionheart is now doomed to the same sad fate.

Recently Lekan Ayinde a known filmmaker and Manager,  for Wale Adenuga Productions (WAP) responded to this ongoing fad by saying that the fight against bootlegging is not encouraging because governments at all levels are not paying attention to it.

He further shared that :

“The newspapers are replete with news of corrupt public officers, armed robbers and traffickers but those who pirate films or movies are not given any attention at all.

“It has been quite a long time we read or hear of any arrest or even trial of film or movie pirates.

“Yet, this criminality is flourishing right under the eyes of the government and their agents.

“We need men and women who know how to use movies to provide employment, enrich our economy and advance our image in the international society,’’ he concluded.

There is no doubt that theft is theft no matter in what shape manner or form it comes and intellectual theft is certainly wrong and does the industry it affects terrible harm.


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