Everything Fashion Detail We Know About Nigeria's Best New Act, Teni The Entertainer

  • 10,Jan 2019 12:01 PM
  • By Anaekwe Adaeze

Everyone loves Teni for the bubbly songs she puts out but it doesn’t just end there for us. We love the singer for her refreshing taste in fashion – and we honestly don’t think it’s just us! Her style is unique, comfortable and hella cool!

You can tell that Teni really digs the retro vibe as it’s quite evident in her everyday style. From vintage print shirts to durags and tinted eyewear, let’s explore all the staples she uses to put her looks together – it’s a no-brainer she loves the 90s trend!

Cool Shades

A huge part of the 90s trend includes tiny and hip eyewear that adds just enough sass to any outfit and you’ll never find Teni without one of those. Love this trend on Teni? Then you should snag those bad boys.

Durag / Cap

Ok, Teni makes durags look so cool! Sometimes the singer shows off her swagged out haircuts but you’ll catch her in a durag or a baseball cap on most days. We love how she puts a colour play on them. Durags are not the easiest to find in Nigeria so coloured hats should do the retro trick. We are sure you have one of those lying around! 


For someone into the casual sporty trend, killer sneakers are must-haves. They are easy to pair and super comfortable. If you feel like the usual ones don’t cut it, you can splurge on trendy ones like the ‘ugly sneakers‘ everyone hates to love.

Vintage Print Shirts / Layers

If Teni is not in a vibrant vintage print shirt, she’s layering plain pieces up to achieve her signature style. And we love that she’s a pro at this.

Bold Jewellery