The Young Have Grown, Salitas FC Eager To Prove That To Enugu Rangers

  • 31,Jan 2019 06:14 AM
  • By Iwedi Ojinmah

Everyone in Ouagadougou seems to be smiling these days. And actually, it's not just in the Capital but throughout the land of the upright people as Burkina Faso is known. The reason? Their darling club Salitas FC has made the group stage of the African Confederation Cup, a first for both club and country.

Despite playing just for two years professionally, in the space of 90 days the Burkinabe team has silenced such African powerhouses as Wakriya (Guinea, 2-0, 1-3), Al-Masry of Port Said (Egypt, 2-0, 0-0) and most recently Al-Nasr Benghazi ( Libya, 0-1, 3-1) (see below).


Founded in 2012-13 in the district of Ouaga by Colonel Yacouba Ouedraogo, a former Minister of Sports, it was originally an academy to bring together young talent and develop their skills further.  I say originally because they can now go toe to toe with the best of Africa.

In any case, their young talent, as well as other foreign mercenaries like the Ghanaian Samuel Akwasi Amoto, have turned them in to a formidable team as perennial giants ASFB found out in the final of the 2018 Cup Faso, where the youngsters behind goals fro Aboubacar Sawadogo and Hugues Wilfried Dah clobbered them for their first D1 title.

The team will arrive in Enugu on Sunday hoping to end the Rangers unbeaten run in the competition. Unfortunately for them, they will be arriving without at least two of their stars including their reliable captain Bagbema Yusuf Barro. who have been suspended by Caf for previous infractions.  See below:

In Coal City their plan is to burst the Flying Antelopes bubble and hand the Nigerians their first defeat at the Cathedral. They will be spurred on by the promise of a huge bonus and the fact that a win or draw will go along way in helping them advance from a group loaded with so much talent.  They also know that a favourable result will now give them the edge for the return game on their slick artificial pitch that opponents have struggled on so far.

Game Time: 2 pm (WAT) Sunday, February the 3rd

Venue: The Cathedral Enugu Seating: 22,000 Surface: Grass

Weather:  Average mid 30 °C with 20% of Rain


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