Ugwuonye Has Bail Permanently Denied

  • 31,Jan 2019 07:28 AM
  • By Iwedi Ojinmah

If recently detained and disbarred lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye had a Joker up against his sleeve in order to obtain his freedom on bail, it has seemingly failed to convince the authorities. 

On December the 13th, 2018 The Awareness reported that a decision on granting him bail had been postponed by the Gudu High Court in the FCT, till January.

Now news reaching us out of Abuja is that his bail has been officially denied citing the fact that severe felonies such as murder are outside the legal sphere where bonding is permitted.

While this certainly has not been unpredictable, one has to wonder why this was not initially conveyed to the defendant at the time of his initial arraignment by the arresting authorities but allowed to drag on for so long.

Needless to say, because of this, his very vocal supporters spearheaded especially by members of the Due Process Advocates which he founded, are in an uproar and maintain that he is nothing but a victim of an FGN witch-hunt being implemented by the NPF.

Many go on to maintain that Nigeria is country where you are assumed guilty till you prove you are innocent and not vice versa as is the case in other democracies.

VEDUPA the opposing DPA victims group, that has long been a thorn in the side of Emeka Ugwuonye, disagrees saying that no one is above the law and that based on the crime in question,  granting him bail would be tantamount to letting him go free considering the resources he has available.

Regardless of which group you side, Ugwuonye's spirits seem not to have been dampened by this setback. He is said to be continuing with his activism in jail and has just been appointed Secretary of the Kuje prisoners though The Awareness has yet to verify this.

As usual, we will continue to keep you updated on any other developments in the case.





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      31,Jan 2019 07:47 AM

      This case is just starting, we'll seat back with pop corn and enjoy the ride

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