There Are No Such Thing As Bride Price In Igbo Land - Okechukwu Amarabuihe Okorobuogu

  • 26,Sep 2018 06:12 PM
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There are no such things as bride price in Igbo land, we do not sell our daughters - Okechukwu Amarabuihe Okorobuogu You know few years back when i spoke about certain alien Creatures who are being raised as icons amongst our people by these colonial monsters, many people didint actually overstood what i was saying or doing, many attacked me calling me names, some said i was a sadist, others said that envy was my problem, some said i was simply seeking for cheap popularity. Na them sabi.. I made mention of Bianze, Chimamanda, and Linda. Bianze: sometime in the past, Bianze came open on social media advising and encouraging the Igbo/African women to kill their husbands whenever the husband becomes suspicious of their promiscuity, that if they ever suspect that the husband wishes to find out if he is the true father of the children or not, in other words if he plans taking the children for a DNA test, ofcause that they should kill the man and run away with his wealth to their boyfriends and probably the real father to the children. Indeed many promiscuous Igbo women killed their husbands during that period taking to her advice. Linda on the other hand was raised to promote ime mkpuke amongst our young ladies, brandishing it on social medias and well promoted by their masters who sent and raised them as icons for our children. While on the other hand, the Caucasians trained and sent Chimamanda Adichie to come promote and encourage our young ladies on feminism, just as Ezekwesili and co brought in Equality during their time, both were geard towards creating tussles between the african man and woman, in other words creating additional captains in every home since the two are now equal, internal war in every African home was their intention, they started calling out women to leave their homes and come out for politics, ofcause it did worked for them then, that women leave their homes in the morning not minding weather food is cooked or not, weather the children are ok or not, just to jump from one hilux to another with certain politicians who ends up sleeping with them. These were some of the evils they brought. And then i lamented and rebuked them. Today this creature called Chimamanda Adichie is back again with another nonsense, That something she never knew/know its origin should be scrapped out. Chimamanda Adichie is pushing our women to accept or rather to push for the removal of what she referred to as bride price, claiming that its Evil. Lol!!!, I laugh in french, how some Non igbos suddenly appear from nowhere to declare themselves Igbo scholars, their work is usually to impose certain alien concepts on the igbo nation and then claims that they are fighting to remove or eradicate that same thing which they imposed themselves, just like some stupid church people jumping up and down with some idiots who claims to be Igwe, claiming they are banishing Osu-cast, a concept that never existed, but rather which they created themselves. Who exactly told Chimamanda Adishie that Igbo race has anything to do with bride price or what ever they chose to call it, a concept that never existed in Igbo world, this exactly shows you that these worms and their supporters on social medias are not Igbos, We as the igbo people have no such thing as Bride price in our culture, for it is a Caucasian created concept, and its totally alien to us, as Igbo people we have what we call IME IHE NA ISI NWANYI, a concept which is general in africa as a whole and even beyond, this concept is seen as the pride of every woman, a wonderful concept developed by the ancestors to give honor to our women. In ancient times, Parents dont just give out their daughters to any suitors that comes around, hell no, the parents must first and formost ascertain that the suitor in question truly loves and deserves their daughter, hence they created a concept of IME IHE NA ISI NWANYI, as a task which every suitor must fulfil or pass through as a proof that he truly loves and desires the woman. In some Communities especially in northern African, men are subjected to flogging, some are subjected to hunting, demanding that the man in question must hunt and kill a certain animal for the bride if he is to be considered worthy of the woman, some are subjected to games, that even in ancient europe, kings give out their daughters hand in marriage to the strongest men or the winners of a certain game. These are just to elevate the status of women, living the slogan; "what can you do for love", "what is she worth to you"..?. This is ime Ihe na isi nwanyi, before it was recently changed to ime ego na isi nwanyi, when the present day igbo shifted from agriculture to commerce, hence money became the only valuable in our society, then the "Ihe" which hitato could be anything of utmost value or important to the man, something discomforting to the man which he must do if he truly love the woman, the Ihe was changed to money (Ego), for he needs to prove to the parents that he is capable of taking care of their daughter and at the same time that he loves her enough to go through such pain for her sake. Remember Ime-Ihe na isi nwanyi or ime Ego na isi nwanyi cannot be translated to English to mean The Bride price. Be it literally or connotatively. It is simply a test/task. Taking my elder sister for instance, the day her hand was given out in marriage, during the passing of the broom, the suitor was very ignorant about our culture regarding the passing of the broom; that each single stick of broom represents #10,000, he ignorantly packed a handful of the broom which amounted to 2million naira, my kinsmen demanded and insisted that he must bring the 2m, the man almost ran away, but for love he left and gathered the money within weeks and then came back again with the money, though with a sad face, lol..!!!, my dad gave my elder sister hand to him and then blessed them both, after which he opened the carton containing the two million, and then took #100 from it and raised it up, asking the man; how much is this.?, #100 he replied and then my dad handed over the remaining 1,999,900 to the man, with a serious warning that if anything should ever happen to his daughter, that he will return the #100 and then deal with him(the new husband) squarely, that he should use the #1,999,900 to take good care of his daughter for him, after this we the family equally did what we call the Idu nwanyi which entails buying properties, gifts and even more money to our dear sister, after which our kindred equally bought for her too, in other words, the husband didnt go with just our sister, he went home with #1,999,900, and loads of properties and valuables. This was the test, this is our culture, the pride of our women, the pride of my sister, and today some idiots are somewhere talking trash about what they know absolutely nothing about. Like i have said countless number of times, people should stop measuring the Igbo world with the Caucasian stick/tape, for it can never work, you do not study Igbos in libraries, neither do you read igbo in books, to know igbo, you have to come to igboland and study the igbo bu igbo (me). How many years has chimamanda spent in igbo land which made her to suddenly feel qualified to speak on igbo culture..? All i have to say to her is that the day the ancestors will remember her, Nigeria will be her like Sumalia. If her father sold her to calabar people, then she should direct her anger to her father than tag her fathers stupidity an igbo culture. The Gods are wise.


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